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World Bank Report: Global Mobility – Transport sector is “off track” to sustainability

The Full Report in PDF (October 2017): Global Mobility Report – Transport sector is “off track” to sustainability


The New Kerch Bridge: Implications for Shipping & The Grain Trade

Despite international sanctions against the Kremlin, the bridge construction between the Kertch strait has started and the first arch has been built. This bridge will connect Russia and Crimea, will be 19 Km long and should be finished in 2019. The construction of this bridge, is creating important logistical problems for Ukraine. Indeed, navigation for cargoes between the Azov sea and the Black sea has been suspended during certain days at the end of August and this could occasionally continue in September and October.  This situation could also penalize exports since the Azov sea is an important crossing point for Russian grains departing from Rostov on the don. On the long term, the bridge could be a real problem for cargoes because besides being constructed in low water depth, maximal heights is limited at 33 meters. The agricultural ministry is estimating that once the bridge is constructed 33% of Ukrainian cargoes won’t be able to cross. In this context, exporters have already planned to move from the port of Mariupol in Ukraine directly onto the Black sea.

Source: Agritel