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Freight Market for Coasters in Black Sea, Azov Sea, Caspian Sea + Some Handy Rates – Week #43

Fixtures List PDF:

GFMR #43



Report on Coaster Freight Market in Black Sea & Azov

Freight rates in Azov area have continued to firm up in past week, owing to appearance of regular ‘autumn’ cargoes on the market, such as sbpp, sfs meal and corn in addition to usual wheat and barley. The excess of grain parcels accumulated at ports’ silos during the relatively calm week caused by Kurban Eid Holidays and the passage restrictions at Kerch, are now in high demand, adding up to the rates increase. Ship Owners prefer short voyages to TBS above all others. Risks related to idling have disappeared, and while Owners are trying to employ their fleet on short trips, Charterers have to pay some extra money for long voyages. Problematic voyages (Egypt or Lebanon, for instance) have become difficult to even negotiate..(Glogos – Edited)

Overview of Fixtures for Week #35:

Glogos Freight Report – Week #35


Algeria: Official Decree Authorizing Private Sector to Engage in Commercial Urban and Leisure Maritime Activities


Here is the full Official Decree (In French) authorizing these Maritime Activities in Algeria.

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JO Maritime #44