Bunkering: Algeria’s Naftal to develop LNG as marine fuel for Ships

ALGIERS – Algeria plans to embark on the development of LNG as marine fuel for ships.

This project has been examined during an International seminar on Development of LNG as marine fuel held Monday in Algiers by the company of the distribution and marketing of petroleum and derivatives (NAFTAL) to present the opportunities for development of this sector in Algeria.
This is an “emerging technology” which is being recently used by some countries and for which growth prospects are “promising” while Algeria is big LNG producer, Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy, Ahmed Messili said.
The development of LNG as marine fuel may enable Algeria to become an “important player” in this field, he said during the meeting.
Samir Houghlaouen, an official at NAFTAL, noted that even if the current conditions did not allow the expansion of the marine LNG, its future, however, remains promising due to the growing use of natural gas in the global maritime transport.
He also indicated that the actions taken to protect the environment in the global shipping have helped to establish an international consensus on the need to implement strict rules to protect the maritime area, which is to increase the share of clean fuel in the bunkering of vessels.
By its geographic position and the extend of its coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria has to work to emerge as “leading player” in the bunkering of ships using Marin LNG.

APS 27.10.2014

Algeria: LNG/LPG map


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Hyproc Shipping Algeria signs US$ 635M deal to build 2 more LNG carriers


Hyproc Shipping Company, a shipping subsidiary of Sonatrach signed with the shipyard “Hyundai Heavy Industries”, a contract for the construction of two twin gas carriers (tankers) for the transportation of LNG, with a capacity of 171,800 M3 each, said Thursday the Head of the Subsidiary’s Communication centre Khaled Sellami.
The USD$635 million contract, signed in Oran, provides for the possibility of building a third tanker. The two tankers to fly national flag will be delivered by the end of 2016, the same source said, adding that the 10% of the funds for the two tankers will be provided by Hyproc SC while the remaining 90% will be ensured by the External Bank of Algeria (BEA).
The two carriers will be equipped by advanced and eco-friendly technologies of the maritime industry, in order to ensure safe navigation.
The acquisition of the LNG carriers is part of a program of modernization of the Company’s fleet. These two major acquisitions that will be followed by others and should enable Sonatrach Group, through its subsidiary Hyproc, to strengthen its LNG transport capacity and its position on the world distant markets.
This contract is, according to Hyproc SC, the result of a long process, launched by the engineers of the national company for twenty months and culminated in late 2012 in the launch of a call for tender to shortlist shipyards. The different technical steps that followed, led to the selection of three South Korean shipyards: Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engine LTD (DSME), Hyundai Heavy Industries LTD (HHI) and Samsung Heavy Industries LTD (SHI).
The final phase of financial bid opening of the three shipyards took place last August. HHI shipyard clinched the deal.
Hyproc SC has 16 ships, i.e. 8 LNG carriers, six LPG carriers and 2 bitumen carriers.
APS 16.102014